Mach-Tech enjoying fusion challenge on MAST-Upgrade

Precision engineering firm Mach-Tech is among the UK companies to benefit from the MAST-Upgrade project at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy.


MAST-Upgrade Baffle Support Rings

Ensuring British suppliers benefit from the upgrade to the MAST fusion device has been a priority, and so far over £8 million of contracts for hardware have gone to domestic firms.

Oxfordshire-based Mach-Tech has been providing high precision CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining, CNC Milling and ancillary services to a variety of high-tech industries for over 18 years. During the past year, Mach-Tech has supplied a range of stainless steel components for MAST-U, such as the assembly for Baffle Support Rings pictured.

“We have been pleased to be associated with the manufacture of items and assemblies for MAST-Upgrade,” says Managing Director Neil Tyler.

“At times, satisfying the demands to supply complex stainless steel components has been very challenging, and we have had to lay on extended shifts to cope. But our facility and team is very suited to challenging projects of this nature.”

The firm has worked closely with project engineers and designers at Culham – using 3D CAD files and its own Edgecam software to generate programs for its CNC machine tools.

“The technology we have invested in ensures a good transition from drawing board to assembly of the tokamak,” Neil Tyler explains. “Due to the requirement of 100% documented inspection on every single item, we made very good use of our CNC Co-ordinate measuring machine and automated the inspection and generation of inspection documentation.

“It has been great to be involved in what is not only a world renowned and cutting-edge project, but is also a local project for us.”

For more information on Mach-Tech services, contact 01235 538333 / sales@mach-tech.co.uk or go to www.mach-tech.co.uk.