Company exhibitions at Culham are a successful feature of the Fusion and Industry events programme. Individual exhibitions or joint exhibitions by non-competing companies are very popular and many companies request a return visit every year.The events are a great way to generate business leads amongst the hundreds of technical staff on site.

Exhibitors are drawn from a wide cross-section of industries including power supply solutions, electronic packaging systems and components, vacuum equipment, data acquisition products, photonics components, test and measurement equipment. In addition to meeting fusion scientists and engineers, exhibitors are able to meet staff from the many technology companies that share the Culham Science Centre site.

For most exhibitors a pop-up stand and tabletop in the main reception area will suffice, but mobile trailers for company road shows can also be accommodated.

Note: there is a charge for exhibiting at Culham. For information on exhibiting at the Culham Science Centre please contact the Fusion and Industry team.

Culham Science, Technology and Innovation exhibition

Building on the success of the individual exhibitions has been the annual Science, Technology and Innovation exhibition which is hosted by Culham and by several other sites in UK, usually in May or June. Promoting innovation and technology transfer between nuclear, aerospace and defence markets, the Technology exhibitions give companies an opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities to defined and targeted audiences normally involved in the assessment, provision or purchasing of technology components and equipment.

In a marquee specially erected for the occasion, the exhibition brings together engineering and high technology companies in a single venue. The event is always popular among CCFE Culham fusion scientists and engineers, and procurement staff, as well as the growing number of technology companies at the Centre. For details of the Technology and Innovation exhibition contact Lisa Jones-Taylor at Nu-Tech Associates.