1. Where can I find out more information about fusion research?

Visit the web site www.ccfe.ac.uk

2. What support can I obtain from Fusion and Industry?

The type of technical support will depend upon your problem and how it relates to the knowledge, skills and technologies we have available. A telephone call or e-mail to the Fusion and Industry team may be all that’s needed. Specific questions must be emailed under the following headings:

  • ‘Industry involvement in the fusion/ITER programme’ – for organisations seeking to get involved in the fusion/ITER programme or with a novel product or service, the use of which could be beneficial to the fusion programme;
  • ‘Technology Transfer’ between fusion and industry, for organisations seeking to improve their products/services;
  •  ‘General Questions’ for individuals/organisations requiring information regarding events/activities undertaken by the Fusion and Industry initiative.

If the problem is more complex, the Fusion and Industry team may be able to organise a meeting at our Culham site between you and the appropriate engineers / scientists to determine if the UK Atomic Energy Authority can help. The outcome of the meeting will dictate if any further assistance is needed.

3. Do you help international companies or only UK companies?

We can only assist companies with bases in the UK.

4. What’s involved in competing for a fusion/ITER contract?

Firstly, individuals/organisations should seek to identify where their product/services can be used in the fusion/ITER programme by downloading the Fusion Technologies Checklist, and, if appropriate, registering in our suppliers’ database; Second, individuals/organisations seeking to bid for ITER work packages will be required to comply with the terms and conditions of the ITER International Organisation and/or the European ITER Domestic Agency called Fusion for Energy, details can be found at http://www.fusionforenergy.europa.eu/.

5. When will the ITER construction start?

ITER construction has already started at Cadarache in France. The European Domestic Agency responsible for the components to be supplied by the European Union has been established and is placing contracts. It is called Fusion for Energy, details can be found at http://www.fusionforenergy.europa.eu/.

6. How do I keep track of ITER projects? Who do I contact?

Information on ITER is available at www.iter.org.

Regarding ITER construction news and contracts, companies registered on our ITER suppliers’ database (www.fusion-industry.org.uk/) should not need to contact us as you should be informed of the forth coming Work Packages. We will also keep you informed (through the e-news system) about ITER procurements and, where necessary, invite you to briefings and workshops. Companies interested in receiving direct alerts from Fusion for Energy should register their interest on their database at: https://industryportal.f4e.europa.eu/IP_PAGES/ehome.aspx.

7. Where can I find more details about contract opportunities from ITER?

Your best source of information is the Fusion for Energy web site, at http://www.fusionforenergy.europa.eu/.

If you are interested in a specific technical / engineering aspect of ITER please contact the Fusion and Industry team.

8. How do I get on the mailing list for the Fusion Business e-zine, or to arrange a company exhibition at Culham?

For the ‘Fusion Business e-zine’ please register your details on our suppliers database. For exhibitions at Culham please contact the Fusion and Industry team.