The objective of the ITER project is to demonstrate integrated fusion physics and engineering on the scale of a power station. To do this, it will produce more energy output than is needed to begin and sustain fusion, demonstrate essential fusion energy technologies in a system combining the appropriate physics and technology, and test key elements required to use fusion as a practical energy source. Costing over 14 billion Euros, the construction of ITER will involve scientists and engineers from Europe, Japan, Russia, USA, China, India and South Korea working in an unprecedented international collaboration.

ITER Procurement

Procurement for ITER will be handled by Domestic Agencies within each of the participating parties. In Europe the Domestic Agency, called Fusion for Energy or “F4E”, is based in Barcelona.

For Europe’s in kind contributions to ITER please see their website at:

See the F4E website for further details:

ITER and industry

Europe is expected to deliver around 220 contracts made up of 130 fabrication and 90 service contracts worth well over 6 billion Euros over the next 6-8 years. Some of these will be large contracts containing a number of sub-contractor opportunities, large, medium and small UK companies.

Several UK companies have already secured work worth several hundred million €. Many more UK organisations will be needed as Europe seeks to deliver its ‘in-kind’ contribution to ITER over the coming years. Companies are therefore encouraged to register on the appropriate databases.


What is fusion?

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